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Innovative Concrete Designs,Inc.

Commercial & Residential Services

At Innovative Concrete Designs, Inc we believe that the key to achieving customer satisfaction is through exceptional quality and service. Our team of dedicated, craftsmen and professional experts are committed to excellence which form the backbone of Innovative Concrete Designs, Inc, handling our clients’ projects in the most efficient and transparent manner possible. 

We have the capability to provide a complete package to our clients through every step of the building process, from design, material selection, budget & installation. We consider the details of a project from the beginning to preparing the way for a smooth and positive construction experience.

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Our Process

Pre-construction Design

Pre-construction is the initial planning & design stage of a construction project. During the pre-construction process, the client works directly with a  designer and construction partner (including  contractor, construction managers, and design-build contractors) to create a detailed construction project plan.

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Design & Construction Estimate

According to the American Society of Professional Estimators, there are five levels of an estimate. Each level is more accurate than the last, and provides a higher level of detail.

  • Level 1 is called an Order of Magnitude Estimate. This is a preliminary “budget” calculation that’s only directionally accurate. A Level 1 estimate is useful for determining whether a project is feasible and to have an idea of cost.

  • Level 2 is called a Schematic Design Estimate. This estimate is made based on the schematic design. It’s useful for construction companies to determine whether it’s worth looking closer at any given job.

  • Level 3 is called a Design Development Estimate. This is a rough estimate drawn up based on the initial design.

  • Level 4 is called a Construction Document Estimate. This estimate is based on proposed blueprints and building specifications.

  • Level 5 is called a Bid Estimate. This is a contractor’s final estimate, based on all available Blueprints, plans, and material costs. This is the definitive estimate ultimately presented to the customer.

On-Site Consultations

With decades of experience, a strong process, and our talented craftsmen & team members, we’re putting in the work to ensure the job gets done right. Our customer service and project management capabilities are second to none—so whether you need custom decorative work or simple standard work  we’re working to get the job done on time and on budget.

From the biggest job down to the smallest, we bring our experience, determination and unique talent to every project. No matter how big or small your project is we will always be striving to provide our personal touch to every job.

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The Finishing Touches

We want to make sure we met your needs and built your project exceeding your expectations, reviewing the design and the project completion details ensuring we leave you with the up most satisfaction for your project, if your not satisfied neither are we

Lets us help Create your dream. Tell us more about your project today.

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